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Black WhatsApp
App Name Black WhatsApp
App Version V30.00
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category Black WhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

Download Black WhatsApp original version the latest version automatically In addition, when the developed applications appeared, they became the official alternative to the WhatsApp application, which is downloaded from the official store on Android mobile devices. Where used by many. And this is before the developed applications appeared. This app modified version of WhatsApp is WhatsApp Mods considered one of the best versions that many users in the Middle East love. Black WhatsApp also has many exclusive features and additions after this update for more information follow us.

Download Black WhatsApp for free

In addition to this, the application has been modified in a modern way from the official applications. Where many functions have been added to Black WhatsApp.

Also: The developer has released many developed apps especially Black WhatsApp. Now, in this article, we will show you all the additions and features of the new Black WhatsApp application.

An introductory overview of the Black WhatsApp update, the latest version of the anti-ban.

The new update of Black WhatsApp is one of the best chatting applications in the world. It has millions of users who are using Black WhatsApp, and they use it to communicate between people and friends, and it is used to send photos, videos, documents, and many other things.

In addition, Black WhatsApp is used by many people because it provides an automatic update to the Black WhatsApp application because it has the speed and complete protection of any other application, Black WhatsApp is loved by many users who search in many different places until the download of the modern Black WhatsApp developed for extras and features.

In addition, the new update of Black WhatsApp works on the same server and depends on the same functions, but it differs from some because it has many features.

Where we explain in detail. This article is part of the development of our site, as it contains many functions, additions and corrections. Inside Black WhatsApp latest version for Android.

    The wonderful additions inside Black WhatsApp, the new developed version against hacking.

    So did developer Black WhatsApp. With the update of Black WhatsApp, there are some features and fixes for some bugs, i.e. (we are presenting them to you now)

    Black WhatsApp update fixed call feedback issue.

    Some features that make it different from other apps have been fixed.

    Privacy has also been addressed, and messages are now received and not delayed.

    You can now send a status for 20 minutes or longer instead of just 30 seconds, this has been added.

    Black WhatsApp also offers you the ability to send images in very high quality.

    The latest themes have also been added, inside the Black WhatsApp update, and this changes the look and feel of the app.

    Adding an automatic response, scheduling messages, and translating texts, and you can't find them in the official WhatsApp.

    Black Whatsapp has been added, send a message to the infinite number.

    Add the function of placing your personal photo in messages.

    All crash issues have been completely resolved.

      How to explain the main screen inside Black WhatsApp, the latest version for all operating systems.

      Black Whatsapp update There are many additions to the main screen of conversations, and this is clearly mentioned to you from the next paragraph.

      Black Whatsapp privacy settings

      In addition, Black Whatsapp can hide last seen, hide delete status, hide history view, hide messages in chat and only show this read mark after reply. And it allows you to change the privacy of contacts, groups, and group conversations to enter the new Black Whatsapp update.

      Protection and security in Black Whatsapp

      The Black Whatsapp update provides you with protection and security, as it is considered the same protection system, and it features some additions to Black Whatsapp.
      There are also several ways to protect, . And there is protection for messages at any time, and this is considered more secure, and protection from penetration by permanent and temporary bans and viruses.

      The new features in the new Black Whatsapp.

      In addition, Black Whatsapp provides you with the add-ons that people are looking for to download Black Whatsapp developed to use these add-ons. Where the additions were made by the developer of the program and are located in the window that appears in the three dots in the main interface of the WhatsApp application.
      Also: It has more than (400) themes included in Black Whatsapp. It allows you to remove the skin and also change its color which is very simple. You have to download the themes to the phone, and you can use them in the form of the app.

      Schedule messages in Black Whatsapp

      Where Black Whatsapp is downloading, message scheduling is one of the best additions that the developers of Whatsapp have introduced in the update of Black Whatsapp new version. In addition, the new features in the new version have become similar to the add-on, especially scheduling messages, within the WhatsApp application.
      Which has many functions, which are located on the left side of the main screen, or through the (+) sign that appears at the bottom of the modern interface Black Whatsapp.
      Where the department locks scheduled chat functionality for the date and time you use to reply to friends, it features a quick reply to where you entered the business. It is considered one of the best features that entered the Black Whatsapp Android update.

      Add text translation within Black Whatsapp new version
      and developer.

      You can also insert and use the addition, the function of translating texts from a foreign language into Arabic or vice versa, or any language you want in the new Black Whatsapp. Since you don't need to go out to translate texts, this extension has been made available in the app.
      The way to use this add-on is through the settings method. Enter the translation add-on. You must activate and choose the text that appears to you in the option to enter in the top bar for (translation), and use it easily. Inside the Black Whatsapp update.

      What is the auto reply feature in Black Whatsapp?

      To activate this function, press the three dots that appear on the left side, activate the feature that acts as an automatic response. This is how you write the message and also sets the time for the auto reply.
      There is plenty of time and effort available when you are busy. This function responds automatically and is one of the best additions to the new Black Whatsapp update.

      Black Whatsapp notifications

      What are Black Whatsapp notifications? It is considered one of the best additions in the Black Whatsapp update. Notifications are shown to you when a friend sees your condition. When a friend changes their profile picture or is online.
      You can change the notification color, notification background, and that add-on. The three points listed are available on the left. Settings has been entered, Black Whatsapp, latest version.

      Black Whatsapp Backup

      Downloading the update for WhatsApp provides you with add-ons that save and store chat after a month, week or year, and if you delete WhatsApp completely or access another copy.
      Where you can restore your entire conversations, photos and videos. It also performs the task of restoring everything that is in Black Whatsapp in a very easy way.

        What is the main screen of Black Whatsapp latest Android version

        Black Whatsapp update, when you open it, it will look attractive and consistent, and there is a top bar consisting of some additions. Beside. Disconnect the Internet from the program, just click on the flight mode. And the night mode has been added to enable the dark mode, so download the new Black Whatsapp.

        And you can add more than two accounts and this function through the three points on the left side, you will find that added, activate it. Location: through the floating button that appears at the bottom of the application (+).

        Where advanced shortcuts for contacts and auto-reply option to schedule messages.

          Learn about the sections of the Black Whatsapp main screen, the modern version

          What is Black Whatsapp Chat?

          The chat also looks elegant, and the feature of hiding the chat has been added at the bottom instead of the top. Where Black Whatsapp offers you to add a personal picture of all friends in messages.

          You can also change the background of messages and make calls from friends.
          And you can use the floating button (+) to enter contacts, and choose the contact you want to enter for chatting, Black Whatsapp

          Cases in the new Black Whatsapp version

          We bring you the Black Whatsapp update, the most advanced version, thanks to status add-ons, inside Black Whatsapp than using status add-ons.

          Where we show you a lot of additions in the status sections, and it is allowed for the story message to arrive for a period of more than 18 minutes instead of (12) minutes.

          Since you can hide that you have seen the story, when using the privacy method, activate the button Hide view state and save the story. This is according to the download method shown below the status. Inside the new Black Whatsapp.
          You can activate the Asturi Watch notification through the settings that appear in the three dots on the left of the screen.
          Where the status color or notification color has been changed, through the new Black Whatsapp update. We also show you all the extensions in the Status sections. If you want to download an updated version then download it from the official website easily.

          Calls on Black Whatsapp

          Also download Black Whatsapp Calls are available and you can use them with ease There is a problem with making calls in the official application. The professional developer has updated Black Whatsapp and fixed all the bugs and issues. After completing the update, you can make calls without any issues in the developed app.

          Groups in Black Whatsapp

          Also, by downloading the Black Whatsapp update, in the Groups section, there are many additions in Groups. The program allows you to easily conduct a group chat.

          It also prevents deleting messages, sending multiple messages, forwarding and forwarding in the new Black Whatsapp.
          And you can change the colors, bubble pattern, and correct labels within the group. This will give you inside the new Black Whatsapp update.

          The latest additions within Black Whatsapp, the latest version of the anti-ban.

          Also, if we mentioned the add-on to download Black Whatsapp, then we will show you the features of downloading Black Whatsapp from it in detail.

          Conversations in the new and improved Black Whatsapp.
          There are many features that enter the conversation screen (such as) the top bar that enters you, in which you will find more additions.

          You can also change the color of the top bar entered in the conversation. Status font color and story background color.

          Where you can hide the person's photo, the name of the person who entered the chat, remove the person's status, hide the call button, hide the microphone, all of this you will find an entry to download the new Black Whatsapp for free.

          What are Black Whatsapp bubbles and ticks

          Also, by downloading Black Whatsapp, you can change the color and shape of the checkmarks and chat bubble, and hide the extras. Read more, get into the chat. Location: Change the color of the bubbles from left to right.

          Pictures in the new Black Whatsapp
          Black Whatsapp You can put your picture in the chat and the picture of friends in each message, and this provides group entry and put your picture in all chats. It also gives you control over the colours.

          More about conversations in the new Black Whatsapp update.

          The Black Whatsapp application has activated the addition to show quick messages and hide the translation button and the text button, and you can put a picture of the eunuch in the messages. And the change provides a background entry (you can hide the date and name when copying a message).
          Where the activation is to block the music by disabling the alarm sound.

          Get all the features in the new Black Whatsapp.

          What is the main screen of the Black Whatsapp app?
          In addition, the Black Whatsapp update has added several features to the main screen (such as) hiding the appearance of incoming screen notifications and hiding line-breaking messages. Where there are many features in the top bar, inside the Black Whatsapp New Version.
          You can enable or disable the Airplane Mode button and this prevents the application from connecting to the Internet. Also activate the night mode and the account functions icon.

          The general look and feel of the new Black Whatsapp
          The font style of the main screen has been changed, this is the activation of entering the chat line, the color of the font entering the screen and the color of the message counter has been changed. For the number on the program's conversation counter, the color of the names and who's calling now.
          Black Whatsapp provides you many extras (such as) favorite time which displays the time in detail in hours and minutes.
          The floating button is (+) the entry for Black Whatsapp
          Black Whatsapp provides you with extensions to enable you to hide the floating button and change the color of the floating button normally, while clicking on the color of the icons in the main screen on the floating button.

          In addition, all the additions on the main screen of the Black Whatsapp app have been updated.

          Is it available to download Black Whatsapp from within the Google Play Store?

          Black Whatsapp is not available from the Google Play app, because you can download Black Whatsapp from the official website for free.

          Is Black Whatsapp update secure and can not be hacked

          Black Whatsapp update is very important because its operating system is running on that original server. As well as regular WhatsApp, it does not request any step on the mobile device during the update. Black Whatsapp allows you to be locked and your chats cannot be hacked.

          How do I download the Black Whatsapp update?

          Sign in to the Google Chrome browser.
          So find the official website to download Black Whatsapp
          The site appears in front of you, click on it.
          Then search the site for Free Black Whatsapp.
          Then click on the word download Black Whatsapp and the apk file will be prepared.
          An apk file installation window will appear in front of you, click on Settings.
          Then another menu will appear on your phone. Activate Allow app installation.
          After installing the app, I will open the app.
          The app asks you to register your numbers and then click on submit code.
          After sending the code, activate it inside the program.
          This will open the app properly.

          More improvements within Black Whatsapp original version against ban

          The ability to see the status of new people with a single click on their profile picture is enabled. Also for activation. (Go to My Extras > Display > Fonts).

          A new option has been added to @ refer to all group members. to activate. (Go to Extras > Conversation screen).

          Black Whatsapp add new option to send any audio clip as voice notes. In addition to activation. (Enter Plugins > Conversation screen).

          New addition to stop continuous playback of voice messages. to activate. (From Plugins > Conversation screen).

          Add an option to hide the resend button for friend statuses. Also for activation. (enter Plugins > Security & Privacy)

          Black Whatsapp add image and video preview without saving on device and watch it.

          Video option added while previewing.

          Added a new option to select the default translation language in the Chats section. Also for activation. (Go to Extensions > General Settings > Settings).

          New backups have now been added, and they will be created on a ZiP file.

          Improved: Backup file moved to storage/documents path.

          Improvement: Now when you uninstall WhatsApp, the backup remains.

          Fixed an issue where the text status (T) line could not be changed.

          Fix: The function of hiding the number of messages sent in groups.

          More information about Black Whatsapp, the new and improved update.

          The ability to share various videos and photos. .

          Unread message filtering is enabled.

          In addition, online privacy is enabled. Allows you to choose who can see you when you are active on the Internet, through (Settings, Account).

          Download Black Whatsapp modern drawing pen app activated.

          It is also enabled to leave groups in secret without all users or people knowing. Also, only administrators can see you when you leave their group.

          It is also enabled for administrators to delete messages of other users in a group chat.

          Enable stateful modern privacy design UI. Black Whatsapp

          Activate people interface, Black Whatsapp recent text status.

          The quick reaction state has been activated.

          The ability to see previous group participants who left the group and when.


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